About me

I’m a creative producer & strategic matchmaker in the field of experience design. I partner with companies to deliver a successful experience, from candlesticks to Brussels sprouts.
 In my professional career I’ve developed strategy, brand stories, content, and environments across live, digital, social and print platforms. I’ve worked for international companies and small independents across architecture, art, fashion, food and various consumer brands.
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What can I do for you?

I can help you design a total experience: from print to live performances and events, to digital and online media. I move a shared creative vision through every channel - so that in the end there is a complete story that creates emotional and commercial context for your audience.

How it can work

Every brand has a story to tell, which takes you on a journey and reveals what makes it tick.
It leads to conversations, relevance, authenticity, and creates a story that can be owned. You can have a look at my portfolio where pervious work is illustrated.
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