CUT Magazine for Central District East

Client: ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Skill: production, editorial, writing, photography

“Cut” is a fresh and new magazine which was launched during the World Food Festival. I was project coordinator and editor in chief.

This number one edition reveals the world behind the local gastronomy in Central District East, the most creative and up and coming area of Rotterdam.

Written by well-known writers from Rotterdam ‘CUT’ magazine is a cross section of culinary entrepreneurship and reaffirms  the lively cuisine and dynamic character of Central District East. Selection of content: a la carte waste; a professional ‘nose’ on a trail from green rooftop to cutting board; student chefs and their future dreams; an honest tête-à-tête between 5 chefs and a sausage maker and  kitchen confessions.

CUT is published by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] with Food Rhapsody, head chef DJ Wooldrik (BIRD) and made possible by Rotterdam Festivals.

Together with a dedicated team we completed the magazine in just 7 weeks, so here is a big thank you to Elma, Anne-Wil, Derk Jan and Joe!

The press launch was simultaneous with the opening of the World Food Festival and the public launch took place during a live debate between philosopher Henk Oosterling, politician Marianne Thieme and agriculture economist Jan-Willem van der Schans.

Distribution points: World Food Festival – Future Food House / NAi Booksellers / GROOS / Bookshop v/h Van Gennep (flagship store, Machinist, Hotel New York, Nederlands Fotomuseum) / BAR / BIRD / LOKAAL / Lungo / Restaurant de Jong

ISBN/ 978-90-821222-0-6
Publisher: ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] Contributing writers and photographers: Wim de Jong, Frank van Dijl, Dore van Duivenbode, Erik Gille, Ernest van der Kwast, Marjan Ippel, Maarten Laupman

year of production: 2013