Food Symphony at Utrecht Summerschool

Client: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Skill: teaching, design

Summerschool 2013 was about experience design: 12 students from all over the world came to Holland to learn about strategic design and how to design an powerful experience with long-term value. Daniel Pink’s 6 design senses (story, empathy, meaning, design, symphony, play) formed the foundation for this masterclass. I was asked to perform Symphony, using my personal ‘Food Rhapsody’ project as an example. I explained  how food is imbedded in every culture and then showed them a different approach. What would happen if you form your food palette based on a colour, or out of curiosity for new ingredients, or by choosing what in season? For this class the students had to ignore all that they new about their familiar food and create a whole new symphony of food  based on a new skill. I prepared a table full of different ingredients for them to choose from. All 12 students chose a color board,  prepared a personal palette and explained how they came about the recipe. For the next assignment I formed 3 groups of 4 and this time the students had to work together to blend their food symphonies  to one. The 4 food symphonies were displayed for the final picture and then prepared and cooked by the students, to be enjoyed by us all. It was a fantastic class; food stories from all over the world were shared, personal symphony skills learned and the power of collaboration incorporated to design a recipe that nobody in the world had ever thought of before. Thank you Cor Noltee for inviting me to teach this class.

year of production: 2013