Future Food House for World Food Festival

Client: studio Vogelzang, Rotterdam Festivals
Skill: production

In the fall of 2013 Rotterdam hosted the World Food Festival, the biggest culinary festival ever. For over five weeks, restaurants and cafes, food producers, scientists and top chefs presented the delights Rotterdam has to offer.
The Future Food House in Museumpark acted as  the hub of the festival, offering a fascinating glimpse of the future of food with top chefs in ‘culinary jam sessions.

Eat designer Marije Vogelzang was asked to curate the Future Food House exhibition and she invited over 20 international leading creative minds in the field of food, to create new work or show existing work. I was her production assistant and responsible for all communications with the participants during the preparations, built up and festival period. We also programmed a weekly series of events with workshops, demo’s, talks and tastings.

Because of the size and complexity of the festival it was important to have a strong communication stream between the different organisations. The festival and the Future Food House received great media coverage and a huge amount of visitors from all over the world.

Organisers: Rotterdam Festivals
Curator: Marije Vogelzang
Production company Future Food House: Stichting de Loodsen
artists included in the exhibition:
Martí Guixe//Susana Soares//Sita Baumhik//DUS Architects//Koert van Mensvoort//Arne Hendriks//Arabeschi di Latte//Dutch Weed Burger//Cohen van Balen//Tinkebell//Karel Goudsblom&Piet Hekker//Laura van Os//Earl Covington//Marc Bretillot// Jihyun Ryou//Beladon//Cosine//wikicells//Fleur Derogee//HKU