“Not bound to one place or willing to stick to one job I am a global citizen obsessed with food, stories, discover new places, meeting new people and will never leave a beautiful story untold.”

Straight after university I choose to explore my adventurous streak and swopped Rotterdam for London after graduating in Creative Communications. Bold and eager to share my freshly formed opinion I started working for the award winning Rick Mather Architects. There I was thrown in the deep end but developed myself as their spokesperson and soon oversaw all communication activities within the practice. During my time I co-produced a commercial book publication (Rick Mather Architects, black dog publishing, 2006) on their 500 projects with simultaneously a book launch in London and New York.

“I discovered the mind blowing continent on foot, boat, bicycle and by hitchhiking.”

To gain new skills and experiences I moved to a bigger practice, CZWG Architects where I successfully set up their first communication and new business department. Applying my philosophy on creating meaningful value I also initiated collaborations between architecture and social initiatives which led to participations and newly found exposure in several cultural activities.
After 7 years in London it was time for a new challenge and so I embarked on a culinary journey through South America. I discovered the mind blowing continent on foot, boat, bicycle and by hitchhiking. Along the way I took every opportunity possible to learn, watch and cook with the local people which where memorable experiences. In Peru, where I was learning Spanish I spotted an opportunity for a local community project and introduced them to commercial companies which led to a successful win-win situation.
After traveling for almost a year I was loaded with energy, inspiration and experiences but no cash left and traveled back to my home country. Back in the Netherlands I was invited to join Premium 101 in Rotterdam, a newly formed agency within Premium Inc. I became the PR and Community manager and partly creative producer for footwear labels Cruyff Classics, Goliath Sportswear, Robey Sportwear and Robey sneakers. I associate worked on brand strategies and seasonal marketing campaigns and used my expertise to introduce new collaborations and ambassadorships. A very big cherry on this pie was the photo production with icon Johan Cruijff and celebrated photographer Anton Corbijn for a limited edition anniversary pack.
Over the years I learned that when the time is right, take the challenge. Early in 2013 I changed course and started afresh as creative producer. As a free agent I work on my own project: food rhapsody and work with companies and independents to build on their brand-voice and help them create substance to improve their (shared)impact through story-telling and experiences. I love sharing a good story and do this as a writer and editor for “I know this great little place in Rotterdam” . Collaborating with fantastic communities is a great way to stay in the know and so I recently organised and produced the opening party of GROOS. concept store Rotterdam. Thanks for your time, it would be nice to hear your story in return.